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A to Z interactive story

What if writing didn’t have to be done alone? What if this thing we have here, where I write, you read, could be more of a two-way dialogue? What if you could challenge me more directly to shape a story the way you want, not only the way I want? What if I let go of control and used this for this year’s A to Z challenge?

There is a reason I love the solitude of writing, the complete power it gives me over my creation. So here’s a thing I’ve never done in the 40 years of my life: collaboration. It’s high time to change that.

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to co-write – I know you’ll all be busy with writing your own posts. We’ll just have a little fun where your input will shape the story in my head. Some days I’ll ask  open-ended questions. Sometimes you’ll be able to write the next sentence. Other days we’ll have a poll where you can just click quickly. Either way, I promise it won’t be a burden.

Let’s see the start!

Which beginning do you prefer? Vote after the first paragraphs. 


Aurelia could tell, the dragons were restless. Their innate need to fly was fighting with their social need of taking care of the humans. The contradicting emotions wrestled in them in a careful dance under her watch, and she almost felt them like her own. While they all knew take off was approaching, their wagon was stil down in the queue. She hated coming to the busy hub of Lucia where they had to wait sometimes hours until it was safe to start the flight. It was an impressive feat, the coordination of the hundreds of dragon-wagons, their take-off and arrival – it wasn’t long ago that her path was to lead her to the Tower of Direction Control. A shining future that could have been hers.


Every parent thinks it’s their fault when something happens to their kids. Beata knew it was. After all, that was exactly what she wished for not long before: a life without Dan. They were at the airport, waiting for their connecting flight, and Dan showed no inclination to sleep. He had only allowed her 2 hours of sleep the night before between all the packing and the 2-month-old’s different needs and Beata just couldn’t take it any more. She locked themselves into the lavatory, crying and longing for the days when she controlled her own schedule – sleeping and otherwise. Now she desperately wants to take it back. But it’s too late.


Would it have made a difference if she hadn’t been at the station that day? Or had fate already got its hooks in her? Carla’s mother blamed Ian who offered Carla the place on the training team. She also blamed the government for letting migrants in, Carla’s dad, who was an immigrant himself from Hungary, the weather with the global warming – she blamed everyone but herself.


I never believed they were angels. Like so many of us, I’d also seen them before the Big Reveal. Seen them and studied them. It was all in the data you see. Once I complied the list of sightings in chronological order, it was all clear: they were an invasion force. But man, was I wrong, too.


Which of the above should kick off the A to Z challenge on April 1st? Vote below or in the comments.

If you haven’t decided to join, you can still do so on the challenge’s page here. Let me know if you partake so I can check your posts out.



“I’ll never be as good as the other” – BUT…

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Meeting Jessica Jones – The Craft of Character

This piece was written for a Creative Writing course by Wesleyan University, The Craft of Character on Coursera.

‘Jessica Jones’ is a TV series from Marvel & Netflix. Jessica is a super-strong non-hero who wants to overcome the guilt and the powerlessness she felt while under the mind controlling influence of Kilgrave. Kilgrave wants to get her back as she’s the only one who was able to get away from him in a moment of defiance that almost cost him his life.

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#NaNoWriMo kickoff

“How many colours does the elephant see?”

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The rise of Sinmar: sneak peek

The prophecies






Eleonore’s arrival

The air felt like a black boulder on her chest and if she’d been one for omens, Eleonore could’ve had taken it as a very bad sign. The streets of Razaneth were dark under the tall buildings so close together, claustrophobically so, and she grasped for air, but filled with so many people’s sweat, food, life, it gave no relief.

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Turn that pain into power #TheScriptBibleChallenge

My other blog, The Script Bible is hosting an art challenge based on The Script’s songs. This week’s prompt is the line from Superheroes.

Never forget

The pain is with me every day.
It comes and goes like a wave,
but always stays.

Numbed by the decades and booze
It’s like a pebble in my shoes
Hard to lose.

Other times it’s an uncontrolled
Sudden fall into that deep hold
Of frozen cold.

“Let’s talk about what happened” my therapist would say if I had any (if I had any)
“I’ll pray for you” the priest would say if I had faith in him (in him)
“Invite in the positive” the esoteric hippies would chant (honestly)

They’re like oil over the angry bay
Hiding the fact I was betrayed
It’s not okay

What happened I didn’t choose
It left me with more than a bruise
Fucking fools

You’ve heard the story, it’s been told
Over the years, always in codes
Without hope.

“All the hurt, all the lies” they were singing piercing my heart (my heart)
“They’ve taken too much hits” the same song goes and I find me in it (in it)
“Turn that pain into power” they advise, taking my hand, gentle and kind (so kind)

They might not know what they say
But for me it’s a bright new way
To lose that pain

Let’s dig it all up, where are my tools
Turn dirt into clay, through and through
Nothing to lose

Let’s be a sculptor without mould
Piece by piece the pain will dissolve
And off I go.

“What happens to you is not your fault” I hug the girl inside my soul (my soul)
“Don’t bury the pain” this lesson says, it’ll weigh you down, hold you back (oh back)
“Burn that fucker, it’s fuel for your rocket, you belong to the sky, never forget”
Never forget.



His Oak Tree

thread by mfa

He told me it was over
He was done
It’s never been for ever
It was fun

I erased his number
Made this pain number
Drinking it

There’s only silence

When you’re hanging on a thread
It doesn’t take much to break it
When there’s chaos in your head
Can’t find the strength to fake it

There’s only silence

He kept the happy photos
Our smiles
Under his favourite cross
The lost pile

The poems he wrote me
Wrapped now
Hidden in the oak tree
With a bow

There’s only silence

When you’re hanging on a thread
It doesn’t take much to break it
When there’s chaos in your head
Can’t find the strength to fake it

There’s only silence

It’s by his tree, they say,
He now rests
The eternal view of the bay
For the best

He carved this passage
For us here
His everlasting message
So near

There’s only silence


Parroting isn’t love


You’re more than a bird
Don’t just fly
Feel it
Don’t repeat the words
Challenge their

You’re not a mere mirror
You’re the light
Don’t just adore her
Help her break
That shelf

Your king can be naked
Not knowing
Tell him to face it
Your nod won’t

Love isn’t all yeses
I’ll show you
Debating with kisses
Will help us


The Lonely Sun


You were red but they liked blue
You were fire, they wanted cool
They put you on the mantel for display,
“Look how cute,” they used to say

You should’ve burnt their house down.

Blue was gone and so were you,
l was lost, no more rules
Who am I without a system in place?
How will I know what to change?

I shouldn’t have let you leave this town.

I will burn if you’re too close
But stay away, I’ll freeze in the cold
I need you to live, to breathe, to love
You’re my brightest lonely sun

You will never burn my house down.



We walked down to the river
You and me, a cold autumn day
Shimming in the fallen leaves
Hand in hand, laughing away
You picked up a pebble,
It was purple and smooth
You put it in my palm
So light and cool.

You said
It came from afar,
Remember where we started?
Rough edges, a different colour?
I loved you then and I love you now
Life is like a river changing us together

Dim lights in the mine
The same all day
Stones carved out of the walls
Collected and taken away
Cleaved into separate pieces
Bruted into a basic shape
Facets are then cut onto the stone
Its beauty in full display

He said
Got you 2 carats
It’s always what you wanted
Perfect ring for a perfect girl
Marry me honey, we look beautiful
Life will always be perfect together

Her diamond ring has a shining gem
I’m wearing our purple stone


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